Sierra Design Studio is a retail store and an interior design studio.

Established in 1988 in Mammoth Lakes, the existing freestanding 6000 sq. ft store houses some of the most amazing pieces of furniture and accessories to be found anywhere.

Over years of travel and endless searching, Robin has stocked the store with Rustic handmade furnishings, art work, sumptuous upholstery, candles and every imaginable home decor item you could ever desire.

Antiques, art, tabletop, lighting, decorative household items, and Christmas decor are just some of the ever changing treasures to be found in this mountain resort store.

In the design studio department of the store, samples of tile, flooring, fabrics, window coverings and any interior design products can be found. The professional design team will provide all that is necessary, from CAD designs to complete specifications, to create any space for a mountain home or elsewhere.

The store is known throughout the west, as a must-see stop while traveling through the Sierra.